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2004-01-02  Second period for signing pension accumulation agreements has started from 01 January 2004
Second period for signing pension accumulation agreements has started from 01 January 2004. It will last for half a year - until 01 July 2004. All working and insured by state social insurance for the main and supplementary pension part will be able to sign pension accumulation agreements every year starting from 01 January until 01 July.

First contributions to the accounts of those, who have signed pension accumulation agreements until 31 December 2003 will be transferred by SoDra after the first quarter of this year until June 15. This period has been allowed by the lawmakers in order SoDra would prepare information technologies for the administration of participants and transferring their assets to the pension funds.  Later, the contributions will be transferred to the accounts of participants every quarter.

36,6 percent from all working population, insured by state social insurance (i.e. paying contributions to SoDra) have decided to participate in the new system starting from this year. According to the final data, during the first period 441 604 persons have signed the agreements with companies offering pension accumulation service.

According to Vilija Blinkevičiūtė, Minister of Social Security and Labour, it is gratifying to know that 70 percent of those who have decided to participate in accumulation are persons until 40 years of age, i.e. those who will mostly benefit from accumulation. According to the minister, it is especially important that for the first time younger people became actively interested in their old-age perspectives and their future pension. People over 55 years of age constitute 0,84 percent from all who decided to participate in the new system.
Here you can find statistical data on the distribution of pension accumulation participants   according to pension accumulation companies, regions, sex, wage and age groups.
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